Dual Cab Hard Lid Camper

Our Dual Cab Hard Lid camper features a unique two stage roof, with industry leading head space and ventilation.

Quick, simple setup and pack-up with easy lift tailgate and hard roof.

Two large side doors allow easy access to the camper internals at all times.

This slide on camper is designed for various types of travel and can be fitted out to suit you.

Robust, light and compact, our fully welded aluminium slide on is dust and water-proof.

Our Australian-made slide on camper gives you the freedom to explore and tow your toys.

Production/Orders Temporarily Suspended

Our design ethos of keeping weight to a minimum, and for weight to be carried in the optimum location for vehicle performance, means we have more work to do on our Dual Cab Hard Lid camper.

We have a number of units performing very well in the field, but these are on well setup purpose built vehicles to work with our current design. For the broader market we feel the need to make further improvements and refinements.

Therefore we have made the decision to put a hold on taking any new orders or scheduling any new builds of our Dual Cab Hard Lid Camper in its current form.

In most cases a single or extra cab vehicle is our recommendation and is much better suited for traveling with a slide on camper. These types of vehicles perform far better in terms of on road and off road handling, due to much better weight distribution.

This is because more of the load on the vehicle’s tray is able to be shared between the front and the rear axles. Furthermore, the camper for these vehicles is lower overall, meaning a lower centre of gravity and more compact, streamlined look.

If you don’t need the additional rear seats of a dual cab vehicle for occupants, we always strongly recommend a Single or Extra Cab.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss our products further or if you wish to be placed on a contact list to be notified when the Dual Cab Hard Lid becomes available to order.

Why Choose A Carry Me Camper Hard Lid?


Unrivalled headspace and ventilation


Less working, more camping


Premium electrics & solar integration

Dual Cab Hard Lid Camper Features

Compact, Lightweight & Spacious

  • Minimal height above cab without compromising bed size
  • Models to suit standard and taller cab height vehicles
  • Streamlined design provides excellent vision to the rear
  • Large open flexible storage configurations
  • Fully welded aluminium construction
  • 4 x heavy duty jacks
  • Optional – Practical pantry with generous storage


  • 1 minute setup and pack up (without awning)
  • Large side access doors also provide shelter when open
  • Drop down, dual fold stainless steel kitchen bench
  • Ladder with self levelling steps stows in tailgate – always clean and dry
  • Stable and safe to use when free standing
  • Absolutely NO unpacking of gear before setup or entry into bed area
  • Optional – Kitchen, pantry, water and fridge accessible at all times – perfect for lunch & smoko

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Electrics & Solar

  • Self sufficient, off-grid 12V power
  • Redarc Battery Management System
  • Premium Revolution Lithium battery
  • Automatic and Maintenance free system
  • Optional – Solar, 320 watts CIGS panel permanently mounted

Carry Me Campers – Australian designed with locally sourced materials, Australian made by a family owned business, who have formed a reputation for quality since 1992!

Bed Area

  • Superior headspace and ventilation
  • Roof insulation
  • 140mm innerspring mattress
  • North/South bed – stays made with ample room for bedding
  • Midgee proof mesh
  • Generous clothes storage drawers
  • Lighting, 12V power outlets, USB charging ports
  • Large tailgate/dressing area
  • Porta loo / access hatch

Quality & Finish

  • Aluminium construction
  • Dynaproofed Australian canvas
  • Fully sealed – dust and waterproof
  • Assisted opening, easy lift tailgate
  • Fully lockable
  • Two pack automotive paint finish – durable, UV stabilised
  • Minimal moving parts reduces wear and tear

Vehicle Performance

  • Suitable for extra and dual cab tray lengths
  • Tray dimensions required 1850mm wide x 1640mm long
  • Designed to not compromise the off-road ability of your vehicle
  • Tapered design to better match vehicle body shape
  • Heavier components positioned forward
  • No rear overhang necessary – can be forward mounted
  • Freedom to tow if desired

Inspection at Murray Bridge factory by appointment only – or at upcoming shows, see Shows & Events. This listing will be updated as site details are confirmed.

Please note that specifications are subject to change without notice.

What’s Included – Base Model

Carry Me Camper Hard Lid models all come jam packed with features.

  • Easy Lift Tailgate
  • 140mm Innerspring Mattress – North/South Bed
  • 2 x Large Clothes Drawers
  • LED Overhead Reading Lamp in Bed Area
  • LED Lighting in Tailgate Area – with 2 way switching
  • 12V and USB Charging Sockets Mounted at Head of Bed – easily accessible
  • Ladder & Handrail
  • Porta Loo/Access Hutch
  • Redarc Battery Manager 30 **
  • 100AH Lithium Battery
  • Fridge Sockets / USB Charging Ports / 12V Sockets
  • Auxiliary Solar Plug
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Heavy Duty, Legs/Jacks x 4

**Redarc Battery Manager 30A is a state of the art battery management system designed to charge and maintain auxillary batteries by incorporating AC, DC & Solar inputs to achieve the best charge and ensuring battery gets fully charged!

What’s Included – Fully Featured (on top of Base Model)

  • 100L Water Capacity – 2 x 50L Food Grade Poly Tanks, (plumbed separately, gravity emptying via easy trigger taps)
  • 2X Jackson Aluminium Tilt Fridge Slides
  • Large Stainless Steel Kitchen Work Bench (680mm x 640mm), self-supporting, with 50mm drop to locate bench at a user-friendly height – especially for taller vehicles – plus second smaller flip out section
  • High Output Gas Cooker – (24000BTU per burner x 2 – on slide, easily detachable for location/use elsewhere, no gas located within camper as standard)
  • Kitchen Pantry with 4 x 15L Heavy Duty Willow Boxes, 3 x Oates Drawers, Pop-Up Wash Bowl, Plus Extra Storage Pockets/Spaces/Shelves, Bungy retainers
  • Numerous Bunjee Cords – on camper doors and in bed area for hanging gear
  • White and Yellow LED Dimmable Lighting on Both Doors
  • Awning (permanently attached) – opens over kitchen area. Camper can be set up with or without awning. All poles, pegs and ropes included
  • Awning (removeable) – opens over ladder and entry
  • Draft Skirt – shields wind and dust from under vehicle
  • 320W High Efficiency CIGS Solar Panel on Roof
  • Mesh Shelving on Drivers Side – Large Open Storage Space
  • Under Shelf Storage Includes – 2 x Heavy Duty 45L storage tubs with lids

Hard Lid Camper Options

Available options list is long and varied, depending on your camper model and your personal needs. Use the link below to learn more.

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